Day 122: Have I Mentioned I'm White?

Have I mentioned that I am white? I mean I AM WHITE. White bread, saltine cracker white (that's where the term "cracka" comes from, in case you didn't know). I mean, my skin is PAAAAAAAAALE, my hair is bone straight (except for the gray ones). I'm white. The only thing about me that might put me in any other category is that I have rhthym and some serious junk in my trunk.

Enter two sweet little black baby girls (and just in case you are the type of person that thinks it wrong to say, "black" instead of "african american" I have asked all my black friends and they said to say "black" or "ebony." And, since I feel silly saying ebony, I choose to say black.)

Anway, enter two sweet little black baby girls with the skin and hair of black girls. Their skin is dry, their hair is dry, their hair is NAPPY except for the parts their mama straightened, and all of that requires a LOT of work that is mostly outside my expertise.

Their skin I kinda get because my skin is also stupid dry, so I've had some success with the skin. But the hair. OMg. I may never get the hair. My friend, Shauna, who cared for these sweet babies for a while as well . . . now, SHE gets their hair. I need lessons from her.

But, I am writing this to say how accomplished I feel because this morning I pulled off two black-girl hairdo's. And they actually looked amazing! Well, close to amazing. Amazing in my book.

All that to say, I needed someone to clap for me because TWO black-girl do's in under 15 minutes!!!! That's noteworthy.


  1. I can barely pull off a decent white girl 'do on my own child so I'm impressed!!

    Jennifer Faulkenbery

  2. i'm so curious as to what my baby girl's hair will be like! i may need you to give me some lessons :). also, Sam is not a fan of the term "african american" either.

  3. Love this!! Wish I cld see a picture of their hair-do today!!
    I know that their white Mimi is having a blast dressing them up and learning new hair- up dos!!

    Love you friend!

  4. You go, white girl!
    Clapping from Corpus Christ... can you hear me!!

  5. I've been away and just now catching up on some of your posts.
    You always remind me what's really important. Praying for you, Mike, the girls, their hair! and everyone's hearts!!!!


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