Day 121: A Family Forest

Today was the girl's first day of preschool. It was so cute. They INSISTED upon carrying their lunch boxes, which were heavy because of the freezer packs inside them, so they literally had to DRAG them all the way down the hallway to their classroom.

Apparently, they had a great day, at least that is what the teacher said. They ate, they napped, they even did yoga. I know this because they showed me the "downward dog" pose, and also because it was on their "what I did in class today" sheet.

One of the things that comes home each day is their "what I did in class today" sheet. It's pretty cool and fills me in on everything I need to know. What they ate, how many times they pooped, how long they napped. You know, the essentials.

I also learned that they tried to sign "mother" and to say "mother" in spanish. You see, it's "My family" week at school. It seems that they also had the opportunity to point out "Mama" on their family photo (except I didn't know to take one!) But when I saw this activity on their daily sheet, it made me sad for them. And it made me sad to think about what photo I would send to school with them tomorrow.

Should I send a photo of us? A photo of their birth mom? A photo of the mama and papa they lived with for a month? And even if I sent all three photos, who would they point to as "Mama" because as I mentioned in my last blog, they call EVERYONE Mama.

Their little lives come with such a large explanation. Ugh.

I decided to send a picture that we had taken right before they left our home the first time. And I will label us. "Mimi, Pops, Zack, Jacob, N and S." And I will explain to the teacher their story. And hopefully she won't ask them to point out "Mama."

All that to say, their family tree is like a freaking forest. I guess that's not all bad. There are a lot of people that love them.

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