Lies, Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

Have you ever found out that someone was lying to you, but they didn't know that you knew? It's an interesting dilemma really. Here are your options as I see them:

1. Tell them you know, confront the lie, have an open discussion and move on. (Seems like a good choice)

2. Keep silent, hoping they will come clean. (I have not found this to be a good practice as it just makes you more and more angry the longer they take to spill the beans. ESPECIALLY since you are hoping they will choose to come clean!)

3. Keep silent, and let them continue to spin their web of lies until eventually they catch themselves.

4. Or, you can keep silent, enjoying that you know, but that they don't know that you know and watch to see just how long they will keep up the subterfuge. (Trust me when I tell you, this is definitely the worst option!)

All that to say, just tell the truth. It's easier. And the truth always finds a way.

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