Box Seats

I have a fairly strong tendency to hyperspiritualize (to make spiritual analogies from EVERYthing). I don't know why I do this, though I credit it in part to my friend Doug Jackson who once made a spiritual analogy from a barbie lying in the middle of the road. And I can't seem to stop myself.

This talent came in quite handy when I had to tell a story once a week to kids at AWANA (I discovered they like those "real life" stories much more than the ones AWANA was sending me . . .sorry, it's true). So I would tell them a story about something that had happened to me during the week, and I would draw a spiritual conclusion from the occurence.

Sometimes it's annoying though, and I am sure it annoys my peeps. And yet, I do it. In fact, I'm going to do it now.

A few weeks ago, I went to an Astros game for my birthday. I kept thinking to myself how awesome it would be if I could get my picture made with Barbara Bush. But the more I thought about this, the more I realized I would never get CLOSE ENOUGH to have my picture taken with her. I'm not that important, and I don't know anyone important enough to make that happen. So I settled for just seeing her from afar. But alas, she didn't even show up to the game (I had heard they don't miss a home game!) I was so disappointed.

Later, I actually wrote this in my journal, "The privilege to tarry with you Lord is something that I take for granted. I realized this today because I had been dreaming about getting my picture taken with Barbara Bush . . . Not only was that not possible, but she didn't even show up at all. And that made me think, I have complete and total access to you Lord. Everything that would have kept me from you, every barrier was torn down when Jesus died. And you always show up when I do Lord. You never fail to meet with me. I should appreciate that freedom so much more than I do."

All that to say, I have a backstage pass. I should use it more.


  1. lol... we don't remember the "barbie in the road" analogy. = )

  2. I do. It had something to do with it missing a leg, and yet some child somewhere was just realizing that their beloved Barbie had blown off the back of the truck during the move . . .

    And even though it was missing a leg, and probably not a great loss in anyone else's eyes, still it was special to someone, and we always have that in Jesus, or something to that effect . . .

    And I remember thinking, "Only Doug Jackson could make a spiritual analogy about Barbie Roadkill" (only I'm sure yours was way more poetic than mine)


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