Note to Self

This morning, as I was driving to work, I saw a very funny sight, which shall delight me possibly the entire day. I saw a somewhat attractive (ok, totally hot) guy, probably 35-40 something, driving a royal blue PT Cruiser. That in itself is pretty funny, and a little sad, but the funny part is that he was tailgating an old guy in a sportscar. Stay with me here.

Not only was he tailgating the old guy in the sportscar but he had the most horrific case of road rage I have seen in a long time (excluding of course the time I saw a guy get out of his car and bash in someone's window with a baseball bat because they missed the "green arrow"). Anyway, so here is this hot guy in a ROYAL BLUE PT Cruiser, tailgating a sportscar and waving his hands and beating the steering wheel of his PT CRUISER and shaking his fist and obviously DISTRESSED because the old guy is not going fast enough.

We were on a feeder, ALL going about 5 miles an hour, so I'm not exactly sure where PT Cruiser man thought he was going to go, but he saw me notice his rage, then he flashed his beautiful teeth at me, raked his hand through his hair, and waved a very flirtatious wave.

Seriously dude, you are driving a PT Cruiser, and I just saw you have a meltdown because you can't drive faster? And your response is to flirt? Oh my.

All that to say, I am sure this does not translate nearly as funny as it was. But it made me smile. And I am smiling now. And I will probably smile again later. And I bet when I have road rage next time, I'm gonna remember that guy and how dumb he looked, and I'm gonna feel pretty dumb myself. Note to self, avoid road rage.

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  1. I can honestly say that I never rake my hand through my hair when I make eye contact with women in traffic.


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