Motown Sunday

I need to paint the bathroom. I started painting it last night, but frankly, it was boring, and I just couldn't make myself finish it. But Mike is coming home tonight (he's in Georgia) and I told him, . . . no I promised him, I would finish the bathroom. After all, he did all the sheetrock work, and the floating, and the sanding, and the texturizing. I SHOULD be able to get it finished! I had three days!

So today after church, I put on my paint clothes (yes, I paint enough to have "paint clothes"), made some sweet tea and got started. But alas, yuck, I was still bored and unmotivated. So I decided I needed some painting music, went to the computer and got on Pandora (if you haven't discovered Pandora radio yet, you need to! and created my very own Motown station.

Then suddenly, it happened. Jackie Wilson started singing to me, "Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher." And I started painting. Then the Ad-Libs started singing, "The Boy From New York City" and I started singing into my paintbrush like it was the coolest microphone ever. Singing and dancing and painting, I was having a blast with Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, even the Jackson 5!

THEN Etta James came on. You cannot paint when Etta James is on. You actually can only do one thing when Etta James comes on the radio. You MUST stop everything else and sing like she has taken over your body. Seriously. Something crazy happened to me and I started moving all weird and singing, "Attttt Laaassssst, my love has come along . . ."

And then I wished two people were there with me, my Mom and Shauna Maness, because if there is anyone in this world I know who would be having as much fun as I was, it would be them.

All that to say, what a great way to spend a Sunday. Wouldn't it be awesome if every day was Motown day?

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  1. i think everyday should be a motown day... i looove it... all you need is a little smoky, some bill withers, and donny hathoway! miss you.


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