For Whose Glory?

I read a prayer yesterday as it came across my computer screen via our prayer chain at church. For those of you who don't know what a "prayer chain" is let me take a second to explain it. A prayer chain (at least the way we utilize it) is where people ask for prayer in a central location and people from our church pray for them. But the way we get the word out, is via an email. Make sense?

Anyway, I read this prayer and it said (although this is not an exact quote) something to the effect of "Lord, when you do bring healing, don't let us be tempted to say that healing has occured or that prayers have been answered because of "our" prayers. Don't let us take credit for it, but instead be the kind of people that only seek to give you the glory and honor for the fact that you have healed, or restored, or provided."

It was very powerful to me, because I wondered how often I am tempted to take the credit?

All that to say, for whose glory do I hope prayers are answered? For whose glory do you?

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