I have a friend who is getting married today. I love weddings. I love everything about them. I even like weddings of people I don't know. I like movies about weddings, songs about weddings (I even sometimes think, "oh that would be a great first dance song" or "oh, that would be a good walking down the aisle song.") I love looking at engagement pictures and wedding pictures and bridal registries. I love knowing about everything people have chosen for their weddings. I really cannot think of a single thing I don't love about weddings.

I think I love weddings because they feel so full of promise. Weddings are like being pregnant with a marriage. All this planning goes into THE DAY. Sometimes months or even years of planning go into THE DAY. Some girls plan out their entire weddings when they are just that, girls. (Maybe boys do this too, but I don't know any who do.) Then suddenly, boom, there is an engagement and the couple is "expecting" but not a baby, they are expecting a marriage, a life together.

I tell a friend of mine all the time these days, "remember to say this to yourself when your wedding plans overwhelm you . . . your marriage is more important than your wedding. Keep a good perspective about all this."

You know, when people are planning on having a baby, almost all of their planning is for the baby's life. Very little of the planning is for the baby's delivery day. Only the childbirth classes, and maybe what to take to the hospital or whether or not to have the baby at home. MOST of the planning is related to how that sweet baby will be welcomed home and how it will live the rest of its life.

Imagine if we had marriage planners, instead of wedding planners? :) Crazy notion, huh.

All that to say, weddings are great fun. Marriage is even better.

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  1. yay for friends getting married!! wish you could've been there!


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