Thank God for Good News

Yesterday, we trekked up to the Houston Medical Center to listen to doctors tell us the findings of our son's medical mystery. For months (for those of you not keeping up) he lived in agony caused my intense muscle cramps and spasms, happening all over his body, all through the day and night.

The first round of doctors conducted an EMG which measures a couple of things but basically it is designed to tell you if your nerves and your brain are communicating to your muscles. The doctors told us they were not communicating properly and that he probably had MS or some other very serious neurologically debilitating disease.

Those doctors sent us to "House" of the neurology world. He ordered an open muscle biopsy, which if you don't know what that is, just trust me that you don't want one. They thought he had a rare form of muscular dystrophy.

We prayed. And we prayed. And we prayed some more. And we waited, and we waited, and we waited some more. With about as much notice as they started, all of the serious symptoms stopped. Just one day, our son noticed he was symptom free, and thought, "wow, no symptoms today." And one day led into the next, led into the next, led into the next.

And though we had prayed for immediate healing, I think in reality, I had stopped believing that it would happen. I was afraid to believe that healing had indeed occurred and that as soon as I said outloud, "yep, he's healed" that the symptoms would start over again. I know that doesn't exemplify a very strong faith, but it is honestly how I felt.

For over six weeks now, the symptoms have been gone, except for one day, our son noticed that he was twitching, and the day before he had consumed caffeine. (He'd been caffeine free for about 6 weeks). So he decaffeinated himself again, drank a little caffeine, and sure enough, symptoms returned.

Here is an excerpt from my prayer journal, "Lord, I know the news looks bad, and it seems this would be a medical impossibility, but would you please let whatever is wrong be something so simple, so easy to fix, that we would all be astounded by it?"

Yesterday, the doctors told us that they could not find anything wrong. None of the tests, no lab reports, no biopsy reports, showed anything. As the doctor said, "There is no medical finding for why the symptoms started or why they stopped. . . maybe he was just dehydrated" (for 5 months, I don't think so.)

All that to say, Thank God (literally) for Good News.


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