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Each year, I set a goal to study three or four books of the Bible in depth, sometimes less, depending on the book. Less it be confused with a New Year's Resolution, I don't set this goal in January, but rather July. (Long story as to why July that you don't need to hear).

So anyway, I have just launched into an in-depth study of the book of Job. On New Year's Eve, after a pleasant evening out with my husband, I bent down to pick something up off the floor and pulled my back. It REALLY hurt. The next day, I sat in a chair for most of the day, with my legs kicked back, alternating heat and ice all day long. I got up periodically to walk around and see if my back was feeling better, but alas, it was not.

By bedtime, I could hardly walk at all, and was in such pain that I could not fall asleep, despite taking 4 Advil ever 4 hours for most of the day. Finally, after more than an hour of tossing and turning, I slept. This morning, I awakened, not really feeling pain, so excitedly I got out of bed to start the day. Sadly, that pain-free experience last for about 5 steps, and then the pain of yesterday returned with a vengence. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!

So, back to my reading. I sat down with my coffee, my Bible and my journal this morning and started reading Job. Suddenly, I smiled just a bit, thinking that God had a great sense of humor and/or He is a really great instructor. Because I promise you, I will read a whole lot more into this study when reading it in pain, then I would if everything was just peachy in my life.

All that to say, just in case the two are related (reading Job and being in pain) I am going to read this book quickly! . . . just kidding.

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