Why Jesus Loves Children

This is a prayer request we received at our church today. It's from a little 9 year old girl who is waiting for a heart transplant. Children have the most incredible faith. They never seem to waver, no matter their circumstances.

She wrote:

"Hi everybody it's Gracyn and I had a fantastic day today....I am getting a lot stronger. Today I walked to the sink to brush my teeth and hair and wash my face. After that I went for a walk around thewhole PIC unit. I sat by the window and cuddled with my mom for a while. I dont like my medicine but God is with me when I take it and He gives me strength through it. .... Please pray for my new heart to come in God's perfect timing. Also please pray that my new heart will be a perfect match for me. I am thankful for my nurses and doctors and please pray for them too.I want anybody who is going through tough times to know that God is with you and He will watch over you like He is watching over me.Thank you for your prayers. God is truly with me and healing me. Love, Gracyn"

All that to say, please pray for Gracyn.


  1. Thank you for sharing that! What an amazing little girl! Oh to have faith like a child! Letters like that make it all worth it!

  2. I was searching Jesus loves children for my Sunday School Lesson and read this. Thanks for sharing and I will request prayer for her tomorrow. May the Lord Watch over her and bless her.


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