Smart Where It Counts

I have found myself recently talking a lot about Cash Cab. Weird, I know. But have you watched this show? It is a trivia quiz show set in a cab in New York City. Participants get in the cab, thinking they are going on a cab ride, only to discover that they are the contestants in a game show that takes place in the cab!

Now, people often tell me that I know a lot of stuff about a lot of things. And I suppose that is true. So you would think that would make me awesome at trivia games, but truth is, I suck at them. (Which is unfortunate, because one of my family's big holiday traditions is to play a crazy game of trivial pursuit.) Here is the reason I suck at these games. I am a geography dork. I don't know anything about geography. I don't know, nor do I care, where the Ural Mountains are. I have no idea who was the prime minister of India in 1974. Heck, I don't even know if India HAS a Prime Minister. I don't know this stuff. And generally speaking, I can do pretty well in life without this information. Until it comes to trivia games. They are RIFE with geography and world leader questions. Arrghh.

If they would ask the origin of the phrase "f -u" I know that (don't ask me how, but sadly, it is true. I love word origins.) If they asked how you get bacon spatters out of your favorite t-shirt, I know that too. The other day on Cash Cab, they asked, "What do the letters MO stand for when talking about a criminal's past acts?" I knew that. But then they asked some question for which the answer was "Indira Ghandi." Trust me, I didn't know that one.

I told Zack, "I really suck at trivia." And he said, "Yeah, but you're good at general knowledge stuff, and that's more important."

Well, there you go.

All that to say, I'm smart where it counts. (That is my paraphrase of "You're good at general knowledge stuff, and that's more important.)

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