Day 37: A Big Fat Raspberry

I saw an article on facebook today that said, "Raspberry Pills Melt Fat." 

Seriously, if I believed for one second that I could take a pill either made out of raspberries or in the shape of raspberries or just raspberry colored and it would melt my fat, I would do it in a heartbeat, while wearing a raspberry beret just for good measure.

But really, who believes this stuff?

I am actually amazed by the crazy things people buy into out of desperation to lose weight. 

I mean, not that "I" would ever buy into anything crazy to lose weight.  I wouldn't.  I wouldn't buy into the notion that if I ate nothing but bacon and eggs for breakfast every day that the pounds would just melt off.  Because that's not "logical."  Right?

I would never drink grapefruit juice by the gallons before every meal.

I would never drink a concoction made of lemonade and weird spices, followed by a saltwater chaser, thereby cleansing my body of all unwanted toxins which were causing me to store pounds and pounds of fat.

I would never do crazy stuff like that.

I mean, why do people try a million stupid ways to lose their weight, their body fat, their cellulite, their muffin tops, etc. when all they have to do is eat a little better and move a little more?  All they have to do is live sensible, non-gluttonous lifestyles and slowly, over time, those pounds will just melt away (without Raspberry pills!)

Why?  I'll tell you why!  Because people don't want sensible.  People want instant gratification!  I mean, er . . . most people . . . other people. . . abnormal people.

Certainly not me. 

All that to say, I do kind of wonder though, do raspberry pills make your fat melt away? hmmmmmm

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