Sometimes, a Girl Just Needs Her Mommy

Mike started his new job this week.  For those of you not in the loop, Mike sold his company, and went to work for a very large corporation.  I can never remember his title, and every time I say it, I get it wrong, but as best as I understand it, he oversees crews of people who run pest control routes.

Some of his crews work days, some nights, and some weekends.  And for now, as he is getting to know his crews, their routes, see what they do and where they do it; he works some days, some nights, and some weekends.

THAT means a significant amount of transition in our household.  But change is good, right?

You have to keep in mind that for over 2.5 years, we have had a pretty consistent routine in our lives with the girls.  We have nicely divided certain duties as it relates to their care.

For example, in the mornings I get the girls lotioned, dressed and do their hair.  Then Mike feeds them breakfast and brushes their teeth.  At bedtime, Mike bathes them then I rock them to sleep.  If the girls wake up at night, Mike gets up with them.  Once they wake up for good in the morning, I get up with them, and he sleeps in.  Like I said, we have duties.

But for the time being, as Mike is trying to figure out his new schedule, many of these duties will fall to me.  I don't mind doing them, of course!  It's just that it's different.  But change is good, right?

As I was rocking the girls to sleep tonight, I had a couple of thoughts.  One was how grateful I am that my mom is here right now because she is so much help.  She's learned the lotioning and hair routine.  She cleans the kitchen (I HATE to clean the kitchen).  And she is here in the middle of the night.  When Mike isn't home, I don't sleep well, but knowing someone else is in the house with me helps me sleep at night.

And I also thought, what is this going to be like when I'm all by myself?  It's not that Mike is never going to be home, it's just that his "at home" time isn't going to coordinate very well with mornings, bedtimes, bath times, etc.  And there's TWO of them.

But I'm a grown woman.  I can handle this!  I've already raised two kids! Right!  Right? right?

All that to say, change is good.  It's just very unnerving sometimes.  I'm sure glad I've got my mommy. :) At least for a couple more weeks.

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  1. We are never too old for our moms!
    Give your sweet momma a hug for me! :)


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