Christmas Weekend Giveaway

UPDATE:  And the winner is . . .  Jennifer Dearmore!  Jennifer, contact me so we can arrange your pickup!

Crèche (also spelled creche or cresch) - Nativity scene, a group of figures arranged to represent the birth of Jesus Christ

Some years ago, I started collecting Nativity scenes.  My collection started with a very large, white, milk glass nativity scene that my mother-in-law made for me to be able to put under my Christmas tree.  After that, I seemed to get a lot of nativity scenes as gifts.  And pretty soon, it became a tradition that Mike would buy me a new nativity scene each year.  I now own over 50, far too many to set out in my house, but I love all of them!

One of my favorites is from WIllow Tree (those wooden doll people without faces, sounds creepy but they're pretty).  Anyway, this year  I unpacked my Willow Tree nativity scene, only to discover that Mary, Joseph, and the Baby Jesus are missing.  MISSING.  Seriously, how does that even happen?  I packed all my Christmas stuff away at one time?  And the only thing missing is the baby Jesus?  I mean, he's kind of the point, right?

Every day when I walk past that nativity, I think, "What am I going to do about my missing baby Jesus?"

So with that brilliant segue, I am going to tell you about my wonderful weekend giveaway!

My Christmas Weekend Giveaway is a Crèche, handcrafted by a local business owner here in Texas where I live.  It's from rough hewn lumber, simply painted white.  I love it.  It's a simple statement in my front yard.  It says, "Baby Jesus.  He's kind of the point."  (It doesn't actually say that.  In case you win, I don't want you to be disappointed.  But it does come with the light, so that's a bonus!)

But to win, I'm going to mix it up this time.  You have to follow my blog by clicking on the blue "Join this site" button, and then leave a comment.  You also have to have a friend comment on the blog and include "I'm _______'s friend."  You can increase your chances of winning by pinning, posting and tweeting the link to this blog as well!

Check back with me on Monday when I will draw the winning name!

All that to say, I'm off in search of my baby Jesus.  If you were the baby Jesus, where would you be hiding?
Oh, and in case you don't win, if you'd like to order one of these, let me know and I'll hook you up with the guy who makes them!


  1. I would put out a Amber Alert! Sorry I will keep my eye out for baby Jesus.

  2. We have in some years had all the nativities out. Quite a few for one house. The baby Jesus isn't supposed to show up until the 25th anyway. He isn't lost yet.


  3. I've been looking for the perfect nativity for our yard! I collect them as well (along with mom and my grandma)! Love!

  4. I love it!! And.... I'm Jennifer Dearmore's friend!

  5. Bummed that I didn't see this in time to enter! ~Becky J


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