Day 45: The Chicken Dance

I find that I am often frustrated by Christians response to things.  I'm not saying we shouldn't stand up for what we believe in, or that we shouldn't have the freedom to speak our minds.  I'm not.  There are plenty of things I feel strongly about, and I'm certainly entitled to my opinion, and  I'm equally entitled to speak about those things (based on the Constitution of this country where I live), and I'm equally entitled to "take a stand" about those things.  I'm okay with all of my friends who wanted to sit in stupid long lines to go buy a chicken sandwich because you felt like it was your way of taking a stand. (Not saying it was particularly productive in my way of thinking, but I support your right to do it!)

But what I am not entitled to do is to be hateful.  I am not entitled to be hurtful.  I am not entitled to misrepresent Jesus and His love for ALL mankind, regardless of race, or gender, or political orientation.  I am not entitled to make you feel like you are less than me because we do not share the same religious beliefs.  I am not entitled to judge you.

I am called to be different.  I am called to use my powers for good ("Do not withhold good to those whom it is due when it is in your power to do so.")  I am called to love, unconditionally.

And if I am going to raise up and cry out and want to make a difference in the world . . .

If I am going to put my energy someplace . . .

If I am going to try to change the world to be what I believe God would want . . .

I'm going to rescue babies, and help dig water wells, and help rescue modern day slaves, and feed the poor or at the very least I'm gonna spend some time getting to know my neighbors and loving them better.

I could go on.  But I won't.  I don't want to join the melee.  (I think I just did).

I just want to say that I love Jesus.  And I love people.  And if my love for Jesus and you isn't the first thing you notice about me, then I need to work on myself before I even THINK about what you need to change about you.

All that to say, before you act . . .before you speak . . . ask yourself, "Is what I am about to say or do going to be a beautiful reflection of Jesus or a hateful reflection of myself?"


  1. Carol. Thank you. I just find this so beautifully poignant. I have read it several times. The more I think about how uniformally the masses came together yesterday, the sadder it makes my heart. I wish we had gathered for justice, or for love, or for those who can't speak for themselves. I support freedom of speech and the amazing civil liberties that I am granted by living in this country...I just wish I had seen my fellow-Christians come together yesterday for something bigger, something less hurtful, and something I could feel proud of. Thank you for this at least eases a little of my sadness to hear it put so elegantly.

  2. Well said. I agree, and I also think patronizing the restaurants yesterday has to come from a personal place. If I had gone, I would ask myself first, "WHY do I want to visit this restaurant today? Is it to shake a chicken sandwich in the face of those who are different, or is it to show support of Christians in this business who took a stand, and then were slandered for their belief?" I think many Christians need to be careful of the motivation for the restaurant patronige. We need to make sure we are removing the planks from our own eyes before worrying about the sawdust in the eye of others.


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