Day 32: Jones Girls

I don't really know how to begin a post of such importance.  Do I start with a poignant remembrance of the first time I saw them?  Do I tell of two years of incredible struggle that I thought might not ever culminate in this moment?  Do I begin with the incredible victorius end and tell the story backward?

I think instead I will just say how my heart feels.


Relieved that the scariness of court is over and the attorneys and judge have all agreed that they should be ours.  The gavel has been swung, the papers have been signed, the pictures have been taken.  They are ours.

Relieved that no one will ever be able to take them from me again.  That I will no longer know the fear of losing them to a legal system and foster care system that is broken, broken, broken.

Relieved that there is a spiritual separation from the death and darkness that once held them captive.

Relieved that their sweet names are our names, forever joined to our family.

Relieved that I am their Mama.

All that to say, they are Jones Girls.  Welcome to the club babies.


  1. This brought tears to my eyes I am so happy for you all. By simply following your pictures on facebook I cant imagine how crazy of a journy this must have been for you and the family. I am so happy to hear this great news! Praying for you and the girls!


  2. I am so happy for you and Mike and the girls. I hope to get to meet them in person one of these days.
    Congratulations, Hugs and many Blessings!


  3. So now their names are? and ? instead of Nitro and Shortstack.
    Really happy for your family. I don't know who is more blessed, the girls or ya'll.
    Love ya,
    Ruth Ann

  4. I don't even have words to express my pure joy. :) I remember day 1... talking to you in the home depot parking lot when you were going to get them.

    Praise The Lord. Praise The Lord...


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