Day 30: Rejected

I was having a conversation with Kate (a friend of mine) the other day and she told me she was afraid to do something that she really wanted to do.  When I asked her why, she simply said, "Fear of rejection."

There is nothing quite so personal as being rejected, regardless of how it comes about.

And rejection awakens a very ugly thing in us.  It awakens our pride. 

And since our pride is the enemy's greatest weapon against us, it is not surprising that we find ourselves rejected often.

But rejection is a natural part of life.  It is.  As long as other humans are around, we are bound to be rejected.  They are going to pass over us for a team, pick someone else for the job we wanted, and defriend us on facebook. 

So our choice is to live, knowing that others will hurt us.  Or to crawl into a hole, crippled by our fear, and miss the millions of moments that God has planned for us.

All that to say, I choose life.  And though I am certain to be rejected (again) at some point, it's worth the risk.  I will live, I will love, and I will suffer loss.  But I won't miss the moments that will come from those experiences.

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