Day 104: Married to Jesus

Explaining the concept of marriage to a three year old is not easy. 

For many days, Shortstack has been asking questions about getting married.  She said she wanted to marry Zack, but when I explained that Christina was marrying Zack, she was none too happy.

So then she said she was going to marry Daddy.  When I explained that Daddy was already married to Mommy she held up her pointer finger and shook it back and forth at me and said, "no, no, no."  But Daddy corroborated my story, so she begrudgingly accepted her fate.

Finally, I encouraged her by telling her that someday she was going to get married.  And she was going to marry an incredible man that loved Jesus more than anything else.  And that he was going to love her as much as he loved Jesus, and that he was going to treat her like a princess.

So yesterday, suddenly and without warning, she announced that she was going to get married. 

"I'm gettin mah-weed," she said, matter-of-factly.

"You are?"  I exclaimed with surprise.  "Who are you marrying?"

She said, "I'na mahwee Jesus.  I be a princess."

All that to say, I guess there's some deep theology packed into that statement.  Love it.

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