Day 103: I'n a Power Girl

We've been talking a lot about weddings in our house lately, due to the fact that the "wedding season" is now in high gear in our household (and probably Christina's household as well!)  The shower gifts have taken over our spare bedroom.  There is much talk of dresses and alterations and hostess gifts and receptions and guest lists.

So it is no small wonder that Shortstack has clued in to the fact that "something" is going on. 

Last week, I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to purchase a gift for the engaged couple, and I took both girls with me.  Shortstack's favorite question is always, "What happened, Mama?"  So as we waited our turn to talk to the registry lady, she kept asking over and over and over, "What happened, Mama?" Which really translates to "Why are we here?"

In my most patient mother of toddlers voice I tried to explain that Zack and Christina are getting married and that we were there to buy them a present. 

"They have a party?" she asked.  "Well, yes, sort of," I said. 

So then I explained what a wedding was, and how she was going to go and that she would even get to be a flower girl and throw flowers and everything.

I could tell she didn't quite get it when she started telling all the passersby that she was getting married.  Oh well.  It was cute. :)

A few days ago we started practicing being flower girls.  It was a sight to behold.  Nitro didn't really get it at all.  I have a feeling she's going to be a hoot at the wedding.  On her first try she dropped a few flowers on the floor, then took a few steps forward.  Then at my command to "drop a few more flowers" she turned around, went back to her original pile of flowers and dropped some more flowers into that pile. . . . hmmmm.

Then on her second try, she walked backwards.

Then last night, she did a good job walking slowly and dropping flowers as she went.  But when she got to the very end of the pretend aisle, she looked down into her bucket, realized she still had rose petals, and she threw them all up in the air (confetti style) and shouted "Woohoo!"  Like I said, Nitro's going to be a hoot!

But Shortstack has got it down.  She is all about the walking and dropping flowers and being a princess.  The only thing we need to work on is her desire to eat the flowers.  She may or may not have tasted a couple during practice.

This morning, when I was dressing her she said, "Mama, I'n a power girl."  (Translated, "I'm a flower girl.")  No, "Good morning."  No sleepy yawns.  Just a pronouncement.  "I'm a power girl."

All that to say, toddlerville is hard work, but you laugh a LOT!  Wouldn't it be awesome if laughter burned calories?

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