Day 98: All That to Say, And More

I am painfully aware that I have not blogged in quite some time.  It isn't because I have nothing to say.  It's because I have so much to say, and I really can't say any of it.  And when I don't have the freedom to write about what is stuffed inside my head, it tends to get a bit stuffy in there!

I would love to tell you how things are going in adoption land, but that is all top secret information.  Well, it's not really top secret, but it's fairly confidential, so I cannot share anything with you at all, except to tell you that our system is really jacked up! Or maybe it's not and my idea of how things SHOULD work would be terrible.  But I would still love to take a shot at it!  I used to have a friend that would say to me, "If only they'd let you rule the world, Carol."  HA!  So true.

But, still, there are some great things happening here at Chez Jones.  It's only a few short months until Zack and Christina's wedding.  (Christina could probably tell you how many days.)  I have officially picked out a MOG dress (figure it out) and had it altered.  When I tried it on for the seamstress to alter it, she said, "I hope this won't sound weird, but this dress makes your butt look fabulous."  A little awkward, not gonna lie.  But still, kinda awesome.

Jacob is rowing Crew (I don't technically know how to say what he is doing, so I hope that is accurate!)  He competed in his first regatta this past weekend.  And in true Jones fashion, he won.  Oh yeah.  In a post from a year ago, I wrote about how we Joneses like to play games and how we pretty much dominate when we play.  Even when it's just a cake walk at a preschool!  So, of course, no one was surprised that Jacob's team won.  Except maybe Jacob's coach, and his team, and Jacob, and the other teams!  But seriously, so stinking cool!  And since Mike and I couldn't go, Zack drove for three hours to be our "family support" for Jacob. 

Mike and I recently went to Albany, Texas, to visit our good friends Allen and Doris Tarbutton.  Doris has been my prayer mentor since Zack was in 8th grade, so about 13 years now.  On our first day there, Allen came out with a cowboy hat on and said, "Would you like a hat?"  I laughed a little bit at that and then I noticed that he had also strapped on a sidearm.  Wait, What?  I get a hat and he gets a GUN?!!!!  Turns out, life on a Dude Ranch can be a little dangerous if you're not armed!  But nonetheless, it was a great time away.

And the girls?  They are growing like little sweet dandelion weeds!  And they experienced their first night of "trunk or treating" ever.  They might still be on a bit of a sugar high.  Someone who shall remain unnamed, Zack Jones, gave them cotton candy, and a sucker, and some smarties.  But hey, isn't that what big brothers are for? 

All that to say, there is a lot to say, and so much more.  But this is enough for one post.  Probably too much, truth be told.

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