Day 96: Who Is He? - Infinite

This is my second post in a series called "Who is He?"  As part of learning to hear the voice of God, I have been asking, "God, will you teach me something about you today."  And though I don't hear an answer everytime I ask, I have written down what I believe He has been teaching me.

"I am infinite.  And because I know in your humaness, you will try to define that, let me hlep you.  I have no beginning or end, either in time or dimension.

I cannot be measured or contained. 

I cannot be bound or confined.

There is no end to the depth of me.

And the same can be said of my grace for you, my patience for you, my forgiveness for you and most importantly of my love for you.

They are all infinite. 

I am infinite."

All that to say, I am so glad that He is.

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