Day 97: Happy Birthday Zack

Has it really been 27 years since I gave birth to you?  My how the time has flown.  I sit here typing thinking, "How is it possible that you have lived that many years already?"  I barely feel 27 myself!

I'm so grateful you are my son.  You have blessed me in more ways than I know how to write. 

Though the past few birthday blogs will show that I do have much to say about you!
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I feel like you are on the edge of the rest of your life.  That probably sounds silly, because I guess technically every day is the edge of the rest of our life. 

But here you are.  Your last birthday as a single man.  And I cannot help but feel like it is the last birthday I will have with you where you are just mine.   After this year, you won't be just "my son" you'll be someone's husband.  It reminds me of the verse in the Bible that says, " . . . a man shall leave his father and his mother and be forever connected to his wife." 

And THAT makes this birthday very, very special.  It's technically the last birthday of your childhood. 27 years ago, they placed your warm little face next to mine, and I remember that day like it was yesterday.  It is a memory forever branded into my brain. I would relive that day a million times over.  

But it's the days to come that I am the most excited to watch unfold.   

All that to say, Happy Birthday my sweet little boy.

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  1. So sweet...Happy Birthday Zack, and congratulations to you and Mike for raising a wonderful son. The best is yet to come! Love you all!


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