Day 114: Dancing in the Aisles

I went to Ikea the other day. I love shopping at Ikea (I have blogged about it more than once, that's how much I love it! See Shockenfurgen)

When I went the other day, I went with Zack and Christina (my son and his girlfriend) to do a little shopping for his new office. As usual, the trip started with a visit to the little deli they have downstairs where they serve the most delicious $.50 hot dogs and $1 cinnamon rolls (neither of which I bought, but SOMEBODY did). We grabbed a coke and started upstairs to experience the magic of IKEA.

We did the usual "follow the arrows" shopping, stopping at things we neither wanted nor needed, tucking them away in the recesses of our brains for someday.

Finally we made it downstairs only to make the most glorious discovery. IKEA has NEW SHOPPING BASKETS. They were awesome! All four wheels are free-wheeling, so the basket moves in this gleeful fashion making you want to dance, seriously, dance.

So I did.

Er . . . "we" did.

Christina and I had the MOST fun dancing in the aisles with our basket. We might have even created a few dance productions to music playing only in our heads. We laughed so hard. Even Zack smiled once or twice.

At one point, mid "big finish" dance sequence, a pair of older Indian men almost bumped into me and they smiled, chuckled, and then worked really hard to hide their guffaws. (I imagine women don't act like this in their culture) THIS made Zack actually laugh. So funny.

Finally, we were in the big furniture section and Zack had to grab a man cart (you know those hand truck things) and guess what? THEY had free wheels too, so you know he had to do it. I saw it on his face before he ever made the first move, but he danced. Oh he danced. And Christina and I lost it!

All that to say, I haven't just dared to do something stupid in a really long time. It felt so good. And I think it made a lot of people smile. Even if they thought we were crazy.


  1. Great story, Carol. Reminds me of the time my senior year when our fullback (my best friend) and I had a Western movie-style gunfight in the produce aisle of a grocery store using bananas for six shooters. The manager threw us out.

  2. i love you! i love your freedom to have fun and just be you!! thanks for sharing your fun time!!


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