Why Don't People Get This

I work in a Children's Ministry. In many people's eyes, my job is to provide really incredible babysitting that kids will look forward to being a part of. Of course, what I do is so much more than that! But that's another blog!

Some people actually understand that we cannot simply hire paid childcare workers to provide care for hundreds of children at a time, and therefore "get" that we are going to need volunteers. When that little nugget sinks in, they begin to see me as the head recruiter. This realization leads to some odd behaviors. People stop smiling at me or making eye contact, for fear that I might ask THEM to be one of those volunteers who sits in a classroom trying to teach big abstract God-Sized concepts to people who are still concrete thinkers! They will cross to the other side of the hallway or pretend they don't know me in the grocery store.

But here's the thing. I don't want people to serve in Children's Ministry because we need a warm body in the room. Warm bodies start to stink pretty quickly. I want people to serve because it will change their lives forever. FOREVER. We were created to invest in others. We were created to serve and love one another. So when I ask you to serve, it isn't because I need YOU, it is because YOU need me (well, maybe not me and maybe not even my ministry) but YOU need to serve someone, somewhere.

All that to say, why don't people get that concept? Serving makes you a better person. It makes you a happier person. It makes you a more generous person. It makes you a better spouse, parent, friend, and co-worker. It increases the depth of your worship. Try it today. Give yourself away.

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  1. Love, love, love this! Could not love it more. As I typed this, I kept typing, live instead of love, well, I suppose I live this tooo! Know you are not alone! I will be posting a link to this on my blog!


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