What Is So Attractive?

My friend, Becky, said I should blog about what attracts women to quilting retreats? She said that mostly in answer to another post, but also a little bit to make fun of me. I like that about her. Her rapier wit.

But since I just returned from a quilting retreat, I will tell you what is attractive about it. I spent 3 nights and 4 days in the presence of women who are at many different stages of life, and whom have had many different life experiences. Of eleven women, I was the youngest, at age 47 (yes, that is my real age.) Two other women there were close to my age, in their early 50's. (ugh, "close to my age" and "in their early 50's" should not be synonymous). But the other 8 women were anywhere from 68 to 75 years old. Some were widows, who shared stories about the loves of their lives. Some are still very happily married to the husbands they married in their youth (and still having quite active sex lives . . . yes, we talked about that a little . . . I had questions, they had answers.) Some are having troubles in their marriages, but still content to make those marriages last a lifetime.

We talked of love, and loss, and joy, and pain. We shared favorite movies, and who we all thought were good looking actors, and what our favorite vacation spot was, and what we loved about our husbands and what drove us crazy about them.

We laughed so hard we cried, many many times (and for some of the really old ones, until they pee'd their pants.) We quite simply just enjoyed sharing our lives together. On the last morning, we all sat around in our pajamas, unencumbered by responsibility or bras, :) not wanting our time together to be over. And finally, we hugged, promised to see each other next year, prayed for one another, and amidst a great amount of tears, said goodbye.

All that to say, what ISN'T attractive about that?


  1. this was a sweet post....i enjoyed reading it.

  2. Glad you had such a wonderful time, Carol. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us. = )


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