Last Day of Civilization

I thought I was just going to go on a quilting retreat with 10 VERY SENIOR adult women. But apparently, my agenda looks a little different. Today (when I thought we were leaving for the retreat) I found out that this morning I would be helping to TEACH (HA!) a quilting class at the local library (in a town of like 1000 people total). And this evening, I will be going to the Widows Valentine Banquet as my mother-in-law's date. :) fun.

So the library was interesting. One old lady, I'll call her "Suzie" was so grouchy, and she talked in these sentences that were like 100 words long each. Here is one example (we were discussing what the room we were in was called) "Well, back in Little Hills Mississippi, at the library there where I used to always go with my sister, Sally, and her little girls, well . . . I guess they ain't little girls anymore on account a theys all growed up and live up in New York City, but at our library we called that room the communty (no I didn't misspell it) gathering room but some people called it the club house which makes no sense cause clubs wernt allowed to meet there, but I still called it the community room.

Oh, my, it's going to be a long day . . .

All that to say, I am sure I will be in culture shock very shortly. And today is my last day of civilization for four days!

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  1. Carol,
    If you start hearing "Dueling Banjos," get the heck outta there.


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