Catalyst: Session 6 - Reggie Joiner

Reggie Joiner
Founder and CEO
Rethink Group

Your Days Are Numbered. 
Be Known For What Matters

We all know our days are numbered, but to see a visual representation of that is both sobering and inspiring.  When Reggie Joiner stepped out onto the Catalyst stage, he did so carrying a giant jar of marbles, a representation of the life of our children, specifically, but a broader representation of our life in general.

When you realize how much time you have left, when you see it as a jar of marbles, you tend to pay attention to what matters most.  This makes you focus on the things you can do, the things you were made to do, and not just the things you think you should do.

Leaving a Legacy

We all think about what we will leave behind when we are gone.  We want to leave a legacy, a tiny piece of us, which will be remembered for generations. Joiner reminded us, in bullet point fashion, of some important legacy truths.

Truth #1 – Legacy is not the same thing as inheritance.  Inheritance is what you leave “for” people, but a legacy is what you leave “in” people.

Truth #2 - The people who will remember you are the people who know you now.  (Not the virtual friends you have on social media, or the people you hope to someday impress, but your children, your family, your true friends)

Truth #3 – You will leave what you model, not what you lecture.

Truth #4 – Legacy is less about you being magnificent and more about you being ordinary and dependable.

And lastly, Joiner reminded us of the Principle of Over Time.

The Principle of Over Time

Progress is measured “over time”  Life is richer “over time.” Relationships are different “over time.”

Time = Worth

Time = Deeper Relationships/Connection

Time = Deeper Perspective.

And at the end of the day what you do week after week after week is what matters.

All that to say, go, be ordinary and dependable.  And do it over and over and over. Leave a legacy.

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