For the Love of Pink and Glitter, It's Give Friday!

I remember the first time I walked past Sweet & Sassy and saw a store full of pink and glitter, all I could think was, "Man, am I glad I don't have little girls!"

But . . . we all know how THAT turned out!

And yet, even once I had girls, I totally didn't get the attraction.  Okay . . . so you can take your little girl in there, let her get a pedicure, or a fancy hair do, have a party with all her friends, and ride in a pink limo?  "And why is that special again," I asked myself.

For the Love of Pink and Glitter

Complete outfit from Sweet and Sassy (oh my gosh!)
Then one day, we went in to visit.  And the magic of pink and glitter came to life in our household!

The stage, the runway, the costumes, the music . . . there was pretty much nothing they didn't love about Sweet & Sassy.  And the love affair was born.

Discovering the stage and the runway!

We have spent many, many hours at Sweet & Sassy. We've gotten our ears pierced, picked out our school backpacks, bought birthday outfits, had manicures,  (I know, but they're little girls was a special treat!) gotten haircuts; we've done it all (well, they've never ridden in the pink limo, but someday!)

And I have to confess, I used to have a real attitude about stores like this.  But there is something special about Sweet & Sassy, something magical.

So, when the girls are old enough (they're still a little young), I'm sure they'll want to have a birthday party there. And we probably will, because it's pink and it's glittery and they're little girls.

In honor of the goodness of pink and glitter, I am giving away an awesome gift package to Sweet & Sassy. When I asked the owner at Sweet & Sassy if she'd donate a package for my blog, I expected she would donate a sweet little manicure, so I was shocked at how generous she was!  And guess who benefits? (Sadly, neither of my girls . . .)  

But you do!  woot woot!

It's Give Friday!

What are you going to win? Something awesome! You will win the "Everything Spa Package" which is valued at $90 and includes:

  • mini-mani & mini-pedi 
  • mini-facial 
  • sweet hand treatment 
  • 2 nail arts 
  • ring & toe ring, and a 
  • create your own lotion and sugar scrub

But You Gotta Enter to Win 

I'm making it simple today.  Comment here and go like Sweet & Sassy on Facebook (I even provided the link for goodness sake!) And, because it's in The Woodlands, TX, you pretty much have to be fairly local to win or willing to drive a long way. :)

All that to say, I hope you love Sweet & Sassy as much as my girls do.  But be warned, you WILL come out all glittery.  Don't say I didn't warn you.  And have fun!



  1. Darn you and your local giveaways! :)

    1. I'm sorry. People give me stuff to give away! :)

  2. Please pick me! My daughter would love this! - J.J.

  3. Sweet memories are made in those moments! Love it!

  4. Looks like fun my little one would love that

  5. Carol,
    What a wonderful, fun treat for little girls--and I'm willing to wager that the moms enjoy seeing their little cuties having the time of their lives. Nice giveaway! Don't enter me though, it should go to someone who can use it :D


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