Meet Lauren and Prepare to Fall in Love

I am going to tell you such a sweet story right now that it is absolutely going to melt your heart. And if it doesn't, then it is quite possible that you have no heart and you should immediately check to see if you have a pulse.

 I want you to meet Lauren. She's 11 and in the 5th grade.
(Seriously, how cute is she?!)

For the last 6 months, she has been going to breakfast with her dad, Michael Lukaszewski, and writing a book called, "The Clown That Lost His Funny." It's a story of a bald clown that experiences a tragedy and loses his ability to be funny, causing him to have to work a boring job. 

She created an outline, interviewed real clowns, wrote a draft, had people give her feedback, and even worked with an illustrator.  I'm quite taken with this young writer, and I have never even met her.

When I read about Lauren's dedication to writing her first book, I thought to myself, "Look, if kids can get a million likes on Facebook and TV interviews on GMA and the Today show, just for writing a poster about a puppy, surely we oughta be able to help Lauren publish her book!"

So that's why I decided to blog about her.  Because she is PRESH!  And she's a writer.  And we writers have to be a community and help each other.  And also, I admire her tenacity.  She saved up money for almost a whole year to buy her own computer so she could write her book on it!  OMgosh, I want to squeeze her, she's so cute!

I also just love that every Saturday morning for 6 months, she and her dad went to breakfast together to work on this book.  Even if for some crazy reason she doesn't get her book published, (and by crazy reason,  I mean because you didn't run right over to this site and donate some money to help her start her project . . . seriously . . . do it . . . or check your pulse),  but if for some crazy reason she doesn't get published, it's still such a beautifully sweet thing that her daddy took the time with her to do this.  Those are memories that will last a lifetime.

And in case you haven't been convinced solely by the cuteness factor,  here is another picture of this adorable 11 year old girl, sitting at Cracker Barrel working with her daddy. (Look at that hot cocoa!  Look at the determination on her face.  Check your pulse.)

There's a lot more information for you on her Kickstarter page (she has a kickstarter page!  That just makes me want to squeeze her harder!  And she came up with some great rewards for those who help her realize her dream.)

And really, if all that isn't enough to convince you to go help this girl, you should also know that she has already planned other books in this series, including "The Dog Who Lost His Bark."

All that to say, won't you please join me in helping Lauren publish her book by participating in her Kickstarter?  And also, will you post this blog to your wall, tweet it, pin it, share it with friends by email, put it on the evening bark, whatever you can do to get the word out!  And I think it would be really nice if you'd drop her an email to encourage her.  Just to be safe though, let's send our emails to her dad here.  (or check your pulse!)

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  1. Carol, what a sweet story. How did you hear about her?

  2. I am "twitter friends" with her dad. We have another mutual friend. I read her dad's blog and was really impressed with her and wanted to try to help her. Using my powers for good you know!

  3. Carol, I totally want to do a blog post about her. Tweet to me, or msg me, or fb, me or just email me her dad's twitter handle. I'll check out her kickstart page and work on a blog post about her.


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