UPDATE:  THE WINNER IS COMMENTER #6, DEBBIE LEBAUVE!  Send me your info Debbie so I can mail you your prize!

My family Christmas decor is pretty traditional.  Traditional red, traditional green, garland, stockings, pine cones, traditional.

I've thought about changing it a few times, but then I think about my sister-in-law, Debbi, and the year she decided to change her Christmas decor.  She went from a traditional "family ornament" tree to a plum and fruity tree.  Her children had all left home, and she was trying to mix it up, do something different, so she kept all the family ornaments boxed up and went out and bought these purple fruity tree ornaments.  Her kids revolted (I thought it was pretty) and she went back to her traditional tree.

So whenever I think of changing, I think two thoughts.

  • "Will my kids revolt or even notice at all?"
  • "Will I like it?"
And I inevitably end up leaving it the same. 

But this year, I'm toying with a couple of ideas.  I'm thinking of either going totally "Grinch Green"

or burlap and white.  I'm leaning toward the burlap and white though, because I saw some amazing photos last year on Pinterest.

So, in honor of Christmas decorating, and grinch green, I'm giving away a cute little napkin holder.  It's the size of a dessert napkin holder (thought I don't know how big that is in actual inches.  Maybe 6"x6" . . . I'm terrible at guessing stuff like that, so maybe we should just call it "the size of a dessert napkin holder.)

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I will also post the winner on Facebook and Twitter.  And LASTLY, and this is REALLY IMPORTANT, you have to give me your contact info if you are the winner!  You can do this by emailing me at  I can't tell you how many winners I have had that don't do this last step, and I can't get their prize to them!

All that to say, each week I'm going to be giving away a bigger and bigger and bigger Christmas prize and you are eligible to win them all!  So follow, comment, pin, tweet, post!


  1. Burlap and white is totally my style! Im sure you knew that already just looking at my house. So I vote Burlap and white! :)

  2. Don't worry about the kids revolting remember your husband????

  3. Well I am doing two totally different colors this year. It has always been traditional in our home. But this year trying something different. Pictures to follow when it's up.
    And I say and different!

    Love ya
    Cecie....pick me pick me...haha

  4. totally burlap and white. love it! you make me want to change things up in my home next year ( this year is already done) altho...if i have to purchase more items, that might make Ray revolt! :) haha

  5. I like the burlap & white - could you add that to your existing decorations?? that way it would not be a total change??? Debbie

  6. Traditional is how I like it. Even though next year our off will be grinched out.

  7. Traditional is how I like it. Even though next year our off will be grinched out.

  8. Whoo Hoo - I am a WINNER!! I am so excited! You can send it to my office address

    Debbie LaBauve
    1650 Highland Rd
    Baton Rouge, LA 70802



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