All That to Say: An Oldie But a Goodie

Mike's birthday was Saturday, and we celebrated in the usual Jones family way.  We had dinner together (minus Jacob who is still away at school . . . OMgosh I wish he would graduate and come home!) and then we celebrated with cupcakes and candles and singing. 
I thought long and hard about what to write about Mike.  In fact, I was really struggling with what to write.  Me.  A Writer.  And I couldn't decide what to say about this incredible man I married.

I wrote about how funny he is.  I mean really funny.  So funny that when he does something funny, he laughs at himself, hard, and then says, "That was a good one babe, wasn't it?"  But that didn't seem like just the right thing to say, so I erased it.

And then I wrote about how he hates celebrating his birthday.  But that didn't seem like the right story, so I erased it.

Then today we got a phone call; a call asking us if we would take in a 4 month old little boy who needed a home for a few days. And without wavering he said yes. (Well, I think technically he said, "Let me check with my wife.")

And that's why I love this man.  He is the most incredibly generous man, willing to give and do whatever it takes to help others.  He has always been this way.  If you need it, and he has it to give, it's yours.  That includes his money, and his home, and his time, and his love.

And I don't think there is anything better I could say about Mike Jones.

All that to say, "Happy Birthday Mike.  You're a good man.  An old man.  But a good one." :)


  1. awww how wonderful and very special - I have goose bumps.

  2. He is were given a gift. Now you will have some fun with a baby boy. I'll sleep for you :)


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