Day 1: Let's Get It On

I always love typing "Day 1."   I actually smiled a little bit this year as I typed, "Day 1," because in my head I heard William Shatner's voice saying, "Star date, Day 1."  Why. . .?  I have no idea, which I suppose is what made me giggle.

2012 feels a little scary to me, if I'm totally honest.  I'm usually in the "oh it's ripe with endless possibility" mood, all giddy with the unknown ahead.  But for some reason, giddy is not how I feel.

I'm not afraid of 2012.  Just . . . well . . . apprehensive.  And honestly, I could cave to apprehension (which is really just worry dressed up in a more expensive dress).  But I won't.  Instead I will hold steadfastly to what I know to be true.

Day 1 is here.  Waiting to be breathed, and lived, and consumed with joy and zeal.

And Day 2 is not yet written (at least anywhere that I can read its contents).

All that to say, "Here's to you Day 1.  Let's get it on."

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