Ripe with Promise and Possibility

This is officially the last post of 2009. 2010 is just a few hours away, ripe with possibility and promise. A lot can happen in 365 days. A lot can happen.

On the home front, we moved again in 2009, making this, the "Kenross House," our 5th residence in two years. But we only moved once in 2009, so it seems things might be slowing down. Our house in Georgia never sold, but we did finally get it leased, which reduced a little bit of our stress. We moved a bit of our furniture here with us to the Kenross House. Something about sitting on your own couch makes life feel better. :)

Here is a 2009 family recap in no particular order: move, move, get a job, quit a job, find love, graduate from college, lose love, move, get a job, get a job, look for work, love my work, make new friends, lose friendships, get sick, get well, lose loved ones, grow increasingly closer to God, discover new talents, start a non-profit, celebrate birthdays, and love one another like never before.

All that to say, 2009 was a crazy year. But 2010 is just around the corner. Who knows what will happen? It is ripe with promise and possibility.

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