The Court of Public Opinion

The court of public opinion is a terrible, terrible court. The judge is jaded, the jury predisposed to judge the case based on emotion and not facts, and the attorneys for both sides are mute.

That's why years and years and years ago, it was established that justice would be much better served if 12 impartial people heard the facts of a trial and determined the outcome.

Is the American system of justice perfect? Absolutely not.

Innocent people go to jail.

Guilty people are set free.

It happens every single day.

And though I never venture out into these political waters, I thought that for today, I would weigh in.

Picture for just a moment, that Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman were both white, or both black, or black and Asian, or Asian and Asian (you get the point).  Picture for the moment that the two parties to this case were NOT black and white.

The court of public opinion would be a mute court; I feel certain of it.

I feel certain of it because I think this case has way more to say about the vast racial divide that still exists in our country than it does about blind justice or a failed judicial system.

I don't know if George Zimmerman was innocent or guilty of murder. I didn't hear the case, other than the pieces I was fed through the media. He was guilty of a lot of things that ultimately ended in the death of young man.  And that is tragic. And tragically wrong.  But even if Trayvon Martin was 100% to blame (and I'm not saying he was), his death would be no less tragic, and no less wrong, no less devastating to those who loved him.

All that to say, my heart is deeply saddened by all that this case has revealed about us.  Not us as a nation, us as human beings.


  1. I can so relate to what your saying but on my own personal level right now. It's very sad, how the system still has its own agendas and sometimes Ifeel its never for the better as it should be. My hope is in god.


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