Are You Tired of Your Mom's Sucky iPhone Pictures?

Okay Moms and Dads, Grandparents, and pretty much anyone else who owns an iPhone camera, this is for you today!

Is your iPhone your primary camera?  Mine too!  But what's crazy is I actually own a really nice camera and even a really nice point and shoot camera. But still, my iPhone is responsible for about 85% of all the pictures I take!

I've been pinning a bunch of stuff lately on how to use my iPhone camera (figuring since I use it so much, I should get some better pictures from it!).  I've downloaded some great apps and started playing around with them and I have to say my iPhone pics have gotten much better.  I've been googling how to use the different apps and then decided there must be some kind of an "all-in-one" guide out there for using all those apps.  Oddly enough, I stumbled across this book that is written by a friend of mine!  When I said, "Hey, why didn't you tell me you wrote a book?!!!" she just said, "I don't know.  It didn't come up in conversation!"  HA!

iPhone Photography: The Visual Guide by Alli Worthington

It's AWESOME!  It's filled with TONS of tips, tricks, no-brainers that none of us use but should, and best of all it's only $9.97.  It has step-by-step instructions, super easy to read, and is filled with photos taken WITH an iPhone.  I know this sounds like a sales pitch.  It kind of is.  Because it's awesome and I think you should get it!  And later on when you're taking KILLER iPhone pictures, you're gonna probably write me and thank me for recommending you buy this.

Since it's Give Friday, I want to give her a little love and tell you, my readers, about her book.  Not only that, I'm going to give away a copy of her book too!

How can you win it?  Simple.  Follow my blog, pin this, tweet it, or post it on your wall.  The more you do, the more ways you'll be entered!  And I'll draw a winner on Monday!

All that to say, That Carol Jones, saving the world from bad iPhone pictures (well, maybe not the world . . .) HA!


  1. Carol, I bought mine . . . didn't want to wait! Thanks for the info. BTW, I love how you help your friends out with their businesses and non-profits. Every time I see one of your "give Friday" posts I think of your blog about using your powers for good! Thanks again. Best $9.97 i've spent in a while! - Johnna

    1. Glad you like it Johnna. That was fast!

  2. So... anytime I tweet or repost it I get an entry? Do I come back here and tell you I pinned it? How will you know?


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