Do Those Direct Sale Products Really Work - Four Week Check In

Four weeks ago, I wrote a blog post letting you know that I was going to be testing four different direct sale products to see if they *really* work. I mean, come on, don't you sometimes wonder if the things they are selling ACTUALLY WORK at all or if people are just buying the idea of a better, stronger, cleaner, smoother, slimmer, healthier body?

So the first product I am testing is called L'Dara (Here's a new video from the company explaining their product. It's worth the watch.)  L'Dara is an anti-aging serum that claims to minimize your fine line and wrinkles, improve the firmness of your skin, and even shows results of helping with acne, scars, and age spots.  That's a pretty tall order for one product.

The product requires that you apply two pumps of the serum to your face twice a day, morning and night. I'll be honest with you, I have not been great at caring for my face over the years. I often fall into bed with my make-up on, and have even been known to apply new make-up right over the old . . . don't judge me . . . I get busy sometimes! So for one month I have washed my face morning and night and applied the serum.

Here's what I wrote in my journal along with a few picture results from each week. (A quick note about the pictures. I took my "before" pictures on a rainy day in my bathroom. I took all the pictures at the same time of the day, but the lighting was different in the rest.)

Here you go:

Week One:
My face is noticeably softer. I can't decide if that's because I've washed it so much that I've actually exfoliated it, or if it is the product, though many of their testimonials do talk about how soft their face feels. I like the feel of the product itself, and the smell is very, very subtle, which I like because I HATE strong smells in beauty products.

The only thing I truly dislike is that I have to remember to wash my hands after I apply it at night, or I go to bed with my hands feeling sticky. I cannot tell you how many times this week I have had to get out of bed to wash my hands.

Had I not taken before pictures, I'm not 100% sure that I would have noticed the difference I see in these pictures. But they are pretty impressive. The wrinkles around my eyes are noticeably less deep (why can't I think of how to say that?), and my neck is definitely looking firmer!

Week Two:
I am noticing small tiny blemishes around my lips. I've had this happen with facial products before. Anytime I switch products, this happens. But just wanted to document that this happened.

That said, I was very surprised at the laugh lines around my mouth. I tried to smile exactly the same way so as not to distort anything. Again, the lighting is different, but you can see how much less deep the wrinkles are.

*sorry about the clarity of this picture. It's a copy of a copy.

Week Three:
It's been a sleepless week with my littles, so I can't say there is really much to report this week. I guess even L'Dara can't take care of the bags under your eyes when you don't get enough sleep! Other than my baggy, saggy, dark-circled eyes this week, I did notice this one tiny thing. I have these horizontal lines across the top of my lip when I smile that really bug me, and they seem to be fading, or at least don't seem as deep. If those things go away, then score!

Week Four:
It's been one month since I've been using L'Dara and I have actually had people come up to me at church or comment when they visit my house that my skin looks amazing. Truthfully, I went out of town for three days and forgot to take it with me, so I'm surprised to see any results this week, but I did.

*I made this picture super large so you can zoom in on the results if you want to.

I want to show you a picture that was taken by a professional photographer. The one on the left is "au natural" not photoshopped and the one on the right is after the photographer's edits. (I love photographers!) Now compare that with my home photos (which have not been altered in any way). You can REALLY see the difference in my 4 week pictures.

Photo Credit:

I can honestly say, it's difficult to stare at and scrutinize my own face all the time, so I'm glad I'm seeing results or I would be SO depressed! LOL.

All that to say, overall, I'm pretty pleased. I have eight more weeks of testing this product. If you want to follow along each week, you can friend request me at

P.S. >   I've gotten a lot of questions about L'Dara so far, most related to cost, availability, where to purchase, etc.  If you want to know more, you need to contact Melinda Arellano. You can message her here on Facebook, or email her directly. 

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