Do All Those Direct Sale Products Actually Work?

I, like most of you, have a lot of friends who are presently working with some direct sales organization or another selling some product or another. I think it's great that these friends, most of whom are women, are trying to find a way to add income to their families' budgets by selling a product they believe in.  More power to them. Truly. I mean that. Go for it. Do what makes you happy.

That said, sometimes I really do wonder if the things they are selling ACTUALLY WORK at all or if people are just buying the idea of a better, stronger, cleaner, smoother, slimmer, healthier body?

This year, I have decided to do my own personal testing of sorts. Think of me as your own personal consumer report. Throughout the year, I will be testing and reporting on the efficacy of four different products.  I am not making any money from these companies. However, all of the companies involved have agreed to supply me with the product for 90 days, with the understanding that I will post my results, with 100% honesty, whether the product works for me or not.

There are a good number of products that I have decided not to test as I think they are just nonsense at best or dangerous at worst. But the products I have agreed to test are products I think have the ability to actually change my life for the better (if the claims they make are true!).

So here goes!

The very first product I am testing is called L'Dara. As a fifty-three year old mom of six year olds, I am concerned about three things; my health first, my fitness habits, and my looks. Yes, I said it. I'm a girl, and I think about my looks!  I'm not obsessed about having a perfect body, can't see myself going the plastic surgery, botox route (not judging those who do, just saying it's not for me) but I do know that I will be in my mid-sixties when my girls graduate from high school and well . . . to be honest . . . I don't want to look like a grandma (even though I'm hoping by my mid-sixties I WILL BE ONE!) ha!

In researching my options for skin care, I came across this video and was very intrigued. So I went to their website and was pretty much blown away by their results page. I have a friend who sells L'Dara, so I contacted her and she agreed to allow me to test the product and post the results here on my blog.

So, starting today, I am testing L'Dara Anti-Aging Serum (I like to say anti-aging . . . it sounds so dramatic).  I will post my starting pictures next week along with my week one progress pictures. While you are waiting, go watch the video and check out the results page. OH MMMM GEEE.

All that to say, this should be interesting folks. Stay tuned!


  1. This is awesome! I'm excited that you are faithful to give it an honest shot. I'm not very good at sticking with anything product-wise for that long unless I see immediate results. Also excited that you are sharing your results with us, and honestly surprised that the companies are allowing you to do that. Can you share the other products you will be testing or is it a surprise?

  2. LeAnna, thanks for commenting. It is a surprise (the other companies) but follow along for the ride!


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