All That to Say: Happy Birthday Christina JONES

It is absolutely crazy to me that Zack married a girl whose birthday is the day after his.  For now, they still celebrate their birthdays separately, though I imagine in time those birthday celebrations will blend together, not unlike most everything else in marriage.

I was thinking today about what I could write about Christina in honor of her birthday.  I mean, I've pretty much raved and raved about what a great person she is, how great she is at hair, fashion, kindness, loving my son, baking, and pretty much everything else (except trivia games).

I've told you how funny she is, sometimes because she's trying to be, and sometimes on accident.

I think I've mentioned she's from a very small town, and how every now and then she says funny things like "skin the potatoes" instead of "peel" them.

I have certainly mentioned that the twins adore her.

It's crazy to me how Christina has gone from being "that girl from the snack shack at camp" to "that girl at camp that Zack likes" to "the girl Zack wants to marry" to "my daughter-in-law" in just a few short years. 

And yet, she is so seamlessly woven into the fabric of our family that it is difficult to remember when she wasn't around.

I love this girl like she is my own daughter.  (I am somewhat dismayed at her lack of love for trivia games, but I can overlook that glaring fault because she has so many other wonderful qualities.)

All that to say, Christina Jones, you are my daughter; whether by law or by design, I count you as family.  Happy Birthday sweet girl.  Here's to many, many more years of celebrating your birthday!  Now about those grandbabies. . .

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